The Romantic Gringo

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tulum, Mexico

R.G. just got back from Tulum, where she went with her boyfriend, A.J., for a wedding. Tulum's attraction is its gorgeous, crowdless beaches, its Mayan ruins, and its cenotes with stalagmites and stalactites. The sad town is just a road with second-rate knick-knacks and some decent food. Also, 16-ounce, glass-bottled Cokes made from cane sugar, but you can get those all over Mexico.

Cabanas Copal, pictured, is a mellow resort and spa--perfect for a wedding because you can take over the whole place, which they did. Copal has a little bar on the beach and seaside thatch-covered, swinging beds that are divine. One memorable day, R.G., crippled over with period cramps, popped a valium and spent the entire day on one of those beds.

Left to her own devices, however, R.G. would stay at Tribal Village, an even simpler 'resort' down the beach from Copal. Seaside cabanas for two are $35, and, although R.G. did not get inside one, they look very rustic. The beach there was completely deserted, and she was there at the hottest time of the day on the hottest day of her trip. R.G. wishes she had brought her camera, so she'd have photos for you. She also wishes she had a phone number for reservations, but the net will cough up nothing.