Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania

For Memorial weekend this year, R.G. bussed to Delaware Water Gap with her grad school buds, V.C., L.R. and J.Z., as part of her glorious return to Deerhead Inn. That her companions were from grad school was appropriate because R.G. first stumbled on Deerhead in 1994 en route to the Bronx with her mother to check out FU. At that time, the place was a real Romantic Gringo gem at $30 for a double and kittens running around, one of whom slept in R.G. & mom's room with them. R.G. was only able to stay at the Deerhead one more time like that before it turned into an artists' colony. Because the town is so remote-feeling while so actually-close to NYC, R.G. and cohorts continued to vacation in the area, but Deerhead was just for drinking Yuenglings on the porch (see pic #4) or perhaps a fancy meal. However, when V.C. threw out the idea of getting out of Dodge for a few days, R.G. thought of the Gap and checking on the Deerhead's status as an inn. Voila!

Deerhead's primary identity has always been a jazz club, which is still the case, and R.G. regrets not snapping a photo of the gorgeous bar area. However, they've upgraded the hotel part with lovely beds and respectable furnishings. Respectable furnishings are not what R.G. covets in a caravansary, but Deerhead's, as you can see, are not too horrible. R.G. was even content to pay four times the old price, just to roam those halls again.

Deerhead's second identity is a restaurant, and their breakfasts are amazing. V.C., L.R., J.Z., and R.G. broke their fasts with relish both mornings, before and after hiking the Appalachian Trail that runs alongside the inn. They also scoffed dinner, tolerated some jazz, visited the local pub for TV hockey, and downed dinner and drinks at the bar of the very egalitarian country club up the road. (Lack of room at the inn forced L.R. and J.Z. to spend the second night at the club, and V.C. and R.G. hoofed up there to join them for dinner. L.R. and J.Z. report the club is not as nice as the inn as lodging, but V.C. and R.G. really made themselves at home at the club bar. J.Z., unfortunately, was room-bound in consequence of hiking through downpours in his only trousers. When V.C. and R.G. made it back to the inn, the bar sounded like a jazz party and R.G. was tempted to join, but her hike-weary bones demanded rest.)

Deerhead Inn, 5 Main Street, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 570.424.2000, $120 for a double with $7.50 vouchers towards breakfast.


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