Monday, January 16, 2012

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs has been a dream destination for R.G. ever since she saw, in the mid-nineties, in The New Yorker, a photo spread of its mid-century architectural glories. So when she discovered the geographic truth that to get from Phoenix to L.A. a driver would have to gas right on through Palm Springs, she knew a night in the desert oasis would soon be hers.

Research for an inexpensive old charmer that allowed dogs turned up Caliente Tropics Resort, where, in its heyday, Elvis Presley once cavorted. These days Caliente is a cool, somewhat ironic, tiki-themed, high end motel with lovely pool and grass-hutted dog run. (When R.G. and C.G. were there, C.G.'s dog ran it by his lonesome.) The resort aspect--restaurant and bar--is awaiting a kick start. But for restauranteurs to lease it, The Congo Room (see third photo) is all set to go. If you are such a person, please make this happen. R.G. forgot to take photos of the inside, so you'll just have to take her word for its tiki magnificence.

On the other hand, a hopping Congo Room would surely up the rates, and as it is now the nearby Ace Motel provides excellent nightlife and eating. The Ace Motel also has great aesthetics, at significantly higher rates. Stay in Caliente, visit Ace is R.G.'s sage advice.

Caliente Tropics Resort, 411 E. Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs,, $73 for a double, $25 for dog. TV, internet, coffee maker, knowledgeable concierge.


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